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Meet Christina & Megan,

Co-Founders of

Counseling Connect.

Striving to bring peace of mind & helping people thrive in their everyday lives.


Get to know us

Thriving Together

Christina & Megan have been life long friends. They met when they were in kindergarten and have remained friends ever since. As good friends, they were by each other’s side through many of life’s firsts, challenges, and celebrations. It is through their passion and dedication to the mental health field that these two have connected to build a group practice creating a fresh and inviting arena to provide quality therapy services.

Friendship Bracelet


To provide authentic, empathetic, and reflective exploration of your life & current needs through listening, meeting you where you are at, providing tools and skill building to move you forward and to help guide you on a path of growth.  To provide connection within yourself & your support network, to create a sense of security and community. 


Access to quality and relatable therapy

Normalization of some of the common challenges we all face

A fresh & different therapeutic experience





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